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Cushing 4-Face Display
Elgin Scoreboard with Total Scoring System
Lindsay Dual System
Crescent BB Dual System

Four-face displays (5244-4, 5242-4)
Four scoreboards with logo areas between each face -- are as easy to operate as a single face board, thanks to the Multi-Sport Controller.

Any two Spectrum basketball scoreboards can be put together in a dual system.
The most popular combination is the 5242-5230. Dual systems are operated by the Multi-Sport Controller.

Now available! Double-stroke LED digits!

  5250 5244 5242 5230 5205
multi-sport controller x x x x x
spectralites and spectrashield light guards x x x x x
tenth, hundredth second timing x x x x x
time out display x x x x x
substitution alert x x x x x
bonus indicator x x x x x
player foul x x x    
digital period x x x x  
lamp matrix 5x9 4x7 4x7 4x7 3x5
clock & score display (in.) 18/14 14/10 14/10 14/10 10
width (ft.) 12 16 10 10 6
height (ft.) 6 3 5 3 2.25


Options for basketball scoreboards include shot clocks, team roster panels, spirit signs, and the moving message center.

Team or league name in place of "Home" -- no extra charge.

The optional Total Scoring System provides digital information on individuals players' number of points and fouls, and total team Time Outs Left.