Click for the big picture! All lamped products shown here are also available in LED.
Game Clock

Football Delay of Game Clocks

  • Easy-to-read 30-inch digits with 5x9 lamp matrix
  • Sun shadow screens create contrast that enhances day and night visibility
  • Clocks are adjustable in the event of rule changes
Segment Timer

Practice Segment Timers

  • Practice timers let everyone on the field know when to change from one practice segment to the next
  • 3-foot tall timer is readable at 750 feet
  • Each drill segment can be set for a different time
  • During the last minute of a drill, the number flashes; at the end of the drill, horn sounds; five seconds later the timer resets for the next segment
Shot Clock

Basketball Shot Clocks

  • Microprocessor-controlled clocks can be preset for any time from zero to 99 seconds
  • Instant reset
  • 14-inch SpectraLite digits
  • Loud horns on each clock
Dual Game/Shot Clock

Basketball Dual Game/Shot Clocks

  • Paired Model 2000 clocks display game and shot time with 10-inch digits
  • Clocks come standard with built-in horn and goal lights
  • Separate shot clock control prevents interference between shot clock operator and timekeeper